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      research and learning was then devoted to the subject. The

      the arrival of the fugitives at that place, the sight of

      He seems to have been one of those natures that run with an engrossing vehemence along any channel into which they may have been turned. At the Hermitage he was all devotee; but climate and conditions had changed, and he or his symptoms changed with them. He found himself raised suddenly to a post of command, or one which was meant to be such. The town major of Caen was set to rule over a region far larger than France. The royal authority was trusted to his keeping, and his honor and duty forbade him to break the trust. But when he found that those who had procured for him his new dignities had done so that he might be an instrument of their will, his ancient pride started again into life, and his headstrong temper broke out like a long-smothered fire. Laval stood aghast at the transformation. His lamb had turned wolf.


      [42] Procs Verbal de la Prise de Possession.


      ** As substitute for the intendant, an officer who had been Charlevoix, much to his credit, repeats the story without


      filles, 1682. (Registres de l'Evch de Qubec.) A stillThe waters of the St. Lawrence rolled through a virgin wilderness, where, in the vastness of the lonely woodlands, civilized man found a precarious harborage at three points only,at Quebec, at Montreal, and at Three Rivers. Here and in the scattered missions was the whole of New France,a population of some three hundred souls in all. And now, over these miserable settlements, rose a war-cloud of frightful portent.


      Hon. R. Trench, made a peer and ambassador.